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Parenting Our Future

Nov 19, 2019

Have you ever fantasized about leaving everything behind to live in the cabin in the woods?  Away from work stress, life stress, overwhelm, technology, keeping up with the Jones’, and packed schedules?   

When my guest, author and mother of four, Andrea Hejlskov’s husband, in the midst of their chaotic life, said “what if it’s not us that’s the problem? What if the problem is what’s out there” What he meant is that they always thought they had to DO more to be happier (go to the gym, bake bread from scratch, grow our own vegetables, etc) and this sparked a shift in them that made them want to stop endlessly running and getting nowhere and working so hard but never really having enough money. 

The ups and downs of her experience are fascinating especially bringing four kids along for the ride!


About Andrea Hejlskov 

Andrea Hejlskov is a Danish author and journalist living off the grid in the wild woods of Southern Sweden. She has lived with her husband and four children in the forest for more than six years. She is the author of a children’s book and a memoir and holds engaging talks on the impacts of life-changing decisions.

Andrea’s book, Escape from the Wild, is available in Canadian stores and on 




Instagram: @andreahejlskov


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