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Parenting Our Future

Mar 29, 2022

Sleep is the most underrated aspect of wellness. As parents, especially moms, we lose so much sleep in pregnancy, when the babies are born and for many years as our kids grow up. It seems “easy” to forget our needs for sleep and just run on empty because you are so needed and valuable to everyone in your life....

Mar 22, 2022

This episode is packed with so much information, it has something for everyone!  

We are talking about working mom life, parenting, toxic positivity, setting boundaries and how to sit in your power as a woman! 

Please meet my wonderful guest, Christine Michel Carter, who is the #1 Global Voice for Working Moms.  


Mar 15, 2022

Fine…The other F-word!  The other four-letter word and this one is keeping us from being happier, calmer and more connected to the people in our lives.  When I say “I’m fine” I don’t mean fine at ALL! I just don’t want to say I’m not great, or talk about why I’m not great in that moment.  

I see...

Mar 8, 2022

Even in today’s day and age, workplaces are still dominated by a culture that favors men as business leaders but research is finding how working moms are best equipped to bring 21st century leadership skills into the workplace.

I’m passionate about supporting parents, especially moms in the workplace, see their...

Mar 1, 2022

Nothing brings out your MAMA BEAR instinct like when your child is being mistreated. If your child is being bullied you can’t help but feel a whole host of emotions in defense of your child and against the bully. But what if your child is the Bully? What do you do then?

One thing that will help is teaching your...