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Parenting Our Future

Jan 11, 2022

We all want to have a secure financial future for our families and our kids’ future. But how do you get there? How do you even start?

I’m happy to have Anna Sergunina on the show talking about everything regarding finances and planning for the future so you can live the lifestyle you really want!

In this episode we talk about:
The #1 thought you need for rate planning
Figuring out where you are at with your finances right now
How to save
How to adjust your mindset and habits
For a copy of Anna’s “New Parent Money Checklist”, you can download it from the Parent Toolbox.

About Anna Sergunina
Anna Sergunina, CFP® has over 16 years of experience as a Certified Financial Planner and is the CEO of MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc. one of the nation's largest fee-only, project-based, planning-only focused companies that serve families with young children wanting to grow their wealth and make Smart Financial Decisions along the way!

Anna is a new Mom to her two-year-old son Liam, and a Wife to her husband, Yuri of 16 years. Not only does she emphasize the challenges her clients are facing, but she uses her own personal and professional experience as a mom, wife, and business owner to help her clients live their best financial life and make smart financial they can have their dream career, a thriving business, a happy family, perfect health, and of course the MONEY to do it all!

Anna is an advocate for financial education, and she has been featured in publications in Business Insider, Forbes, USA Today, Nasdaq, and WSJ. She was named “A Virtual Force” by Morningstar and recognized by Financial Advisor Magazine as one of the Top 10 Young Advisors To Watch in 2017. She also teaches her flagship personal finance management course, Money Flow System, and engages with her audience on her own Money Boss Podcast.

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