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Parenting Our Future

Jan 28, 2020

Hey there Mamas!  I see you, I feel you and I understand your struggle.  It’s my mission to help you drop the mom guilt, stop feeling overwhelmed, embrace your body, let go the ridiculous expectations you have, release shame and all the “shoulds” you have for yourself!!

Join my guest, Amy Griffith, and I talk about how to surrender to YOUR UNIQUE journey of motherhood!  Learn how to embrace the mess, ask for help (and not try to do everything!!) and take things one moment at a time.


About Amy Griffith

Amy grew up dancing since age 5 and has been fortunate to make a career out of it. After experiencing life as a dancer in New York City and learning more about determination, hope, struggle, and community than she ever thought she would, the transition to yoga seemed natural to her. Stepping onto her mat and out of the constant, electrifying buzz that is city life, gave her the opportunity to simply slow down. Yoga taught her how to breathe, how to really listen to her body and how to find more compassion for herself and for others.

Amy received her certification through The Prenatal Yoga Center and learned just how strong women are.  Amy believes that "Our bodies are designed to create life and birth can be positive!" She was inspired and determined to share this positivity with her students. Having experienced two home births and one hospital birth, she's witnessed the power of trusting her body. "I learned that there is a strength within us that is revealed during pregnancy, then birth, then motherhood."






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With this podcast, my intention is to build a community of parents that can have open and honest conversations about parenting without judgement or criticism.  We have too much of that!  I honor each parent and their path towards becoming the best parent they can be.  My hope is to inspire more parents to consider the practice of Peaceful Parenting. If you know somebody who would benefit from this message, or would be an awesome addition to our community, please share it using the social media buttons on this page.

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