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Parenting Our Future

Aug 19, 2019

I’m so happy to have my friend, fellow mom, and one of the newest experts on Cityline, Lindsay Whisen, on this episode. Lindsay and I share a passion for helping people in difficult areas of their lives. Her company serves people by freeing them from energetically draining clutter and inefficiency. In our conversation we talk about the parallels of what we do, in that, both organizing and parenting have always been considered ‘women’s work’. In this day and age, many moms work and still have all the responsibilities at home. The problem? This is work that is expected of women, work that women ‘should’ know how to do (without any training, I might add), and is consistently undervalued. Join us for our discussion into this area and find some help and support for your ‘cluttered life’. 

About Lindsay Whisen

Lindsay is the founder and CEO of Ease Up - The Organizing Experts - a 5-year-old, award-winning company that provides teams of hands-on organizers for people suffering from clutter or disorganization - ultimately their work saves people from wasting time, energy and sanity.

Her passion for Ease Up runs deep as she considers it a feminist endeavor and because she knows first-hand the positive and powerful connection that being organized has with mental health.

Lindsay is passionate about the power of education, social justice, mental health awareness and the energy that is unleashed through being organized. 

Lindsay has a "fortune 500 family". She is grateful to be a parent of 2 good kids (ages 7 and 4) and she is tremendously proud of her marriage with Graham



Instagram: @easeuporganizing @lindsaywhisen




Text: 1-833-EaseUp1

Office: 1-833-EaseUp1


From the Podcast:

Check out Lindsay’s book recommendation: “Drop The Ball” by Tiffany Dufu

How many “French Onion Soup Bowls” do you have in your home?

Look at your space; go from room to room and look at all the ‘stuff’ you are storing. How much of it do you use and really need?

Action steps:

1) Have a bag or box in each closet, and as you notice clothes you/your kids don’t wear, clothes that don’t fit anymore and are worn out, put them in the box. You are doing a little each day so the task isn’t overwhelming. Once the box is full, you can review and give the things you really want to part with away.

2) set yourself up with a plan to do one room a week and remove those things you don’t use or need. Ask yourself, “Am I just storing this, or can I let it go?”

Guilt about giving things away?

Some people feel bad because of the money they have spent but reframing the way you look at it will help. Giving something away gives it a new life, blesses someone with something they need, and stops it from going to the landfill.

Thanks for listening!

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