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Parenting Our Future

Aug 17, 2021

We all want our kids to do well in school, but we don’t really teach them how...Like how to work through assignments, manage time, study properly, set goals, etc.

There are so many things at play when it comes to school and as parents, when our kids are struggling it makes us worry about their future and we might slip into hyper focusing on school, nagging them, shaming them, and criticizing them. But that will just make your child feel horrible about themselves and believe me, if they struggle in school, they already feel bad.
My guest, Kelsey Komorowski, is an expert in helping kids see their true potential and teaches them the skills they NEED so that they can be thriving learners and confident thinkers.

In this episode we talk about:
How our kids are feeling overwhelmed and stressed with school and they don’t have the resources to support themselves
Kids are grieving the loss of “normal” school”
They feel powerless (BUT they and WE can focus on what we CAN control!)

For a free copy of the masterclass, “5 steps for transforming your struggling teen into a thriving A leaner” visit

About Kelsey Komorowski
Kelsey knows that every student can succeed in school, so long as they’re shown how. She has 16 years of experience working closely with students to develop the skills, mindsets and attributes they need to thrive not just in school but as lifelong learners and thoughtful, confident humans. As a family coach, Kelsey loves empowering parents with the skills and knowledge to help their kids reach their potential, all while establishing positive household dynamics around school. Prior to founding Komo, Kelsey worked with policymakers, school district leaders and teachers at the Ministry of Education (Student Achievement Division). When not working, Kelsey can be found hiking, hot yoga-ing, hanging with Rousseau (German Shepherd + constant companion) or planning and enjoying adventures around the world.

Contact information:
Phone: 416-806-5357
Social Media:

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