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Parenting Our Future

May 25, 2021

It takes a village to raise a child, right? Well I’m extremely proud to introduce you to someone in my own family’s village, Behavior Analysist, Michele Shilvock. She is an expert on behavior and what drives it.

I invited her on the show because she has taught us so much about how the brain works when it comes to the eight areas of Executive Functioning. When kids have deficiencies in these areas, they can look like your kids being lazy, forgetful or unorganized, but in reality, they don’t have the skill YET and might need some help (remember, brains aren’t fully grown until mid to late 20’s!). When you understand how the brain works better, it makes is so much easier to understand and solve behavior that’s frustrating or confusing.

In this episode we talk about:

• What is Executive Functioning
• What are the 8 areas of Executive Functioning
• How do you know if your child is lacking in any of the 8 areas
• How deficiencies show up as “bad behavior”
• How kids behavior is misunderstood in school

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About Michele Shilvock

Michele Shilvock is a board certified behaviour analyst who comes with a background in social work before moving on to complete a master’s in special education. She has spent the last 24 years supporting families with neurodiverse children by providing 1:1 skill building support for children, parent coaching and support to school based teams, while also provide community based training. She has experience working with children ranging in age from 1 to early 20s who present with variety of learning abilities and goals. Her approach is driven by evidence-based research with emphasis on attachment and parent connection while always ensure that the values of a child are heard and the root to their experienced difficulties is understood.

Today she splits her time between her private practice and being part of a larger multi-disciplinary paediatric practice. And when not working with others, she is also busy raising her own little one.
IG: micheleshilvockconsulting


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