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Parenting Our Future

Jan 26, 2021

In this episode we are talking all about raising and nurturing our beautiful daughters so they thrive in this world!  

My guest, Amy Klein, who co-founded The Courageous Brand, along with her business partner, Kelly Roach, (keep scrolling for your chance to win some Courageous Brand Merch!).  Their goal is to encourage,...

Jan 19, 2021

As a parent, I know this can be a hard topic to tackle.  Here’s the thing, if your child is going to come out, you need to be prepared.  Prepared with a response based in love, not fear,

My guest, John Sovec, is an author, therapist and coach helping teens with the coming out process and with families to help them...

Jan 12, 2021

Can we have it all and DO it all?  I’m not sure we can…and whoever told us we needed to do every.single.thing anyway? 

In this episode I'm speaking with Brilliant Balance's Cherylanne Skolnicki.  We talk about making peace with the choices we make in both our career and in our family life. Many of us love our jobs,...

Jan 5, 2021

Let’s make the subject of MONEY, something we talk openly about with our kids and stop making it a taboo subject!  This episode is all about how to teach your children to be financially smart.

My Guest Chris Farrell shares how our children’s generation needs to understand that you will not “urn your way to...