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Parenting Our Future

Dec 14, 2021

We all know that communication is important but we aren’t ever taught exactly how to do it effectively.  The fact is, language matters and there are simple shifts in the way we talk that can get us closer to the results we want in our relationships and with our kids.  

My guest is Krister Ungerbock, author of the book, 22 Talk Shifts - Tools to Transform Leadership in Business, in Partnership and in Life.

In this episode, Krister is sharing his secrets to better communication.  We talk about:

Why language matters and how to avoid “modal verbs” like, should, can, must, could and would

What role empathy plays in creating better and more connected relationships

How to communicate so you can change the behavior of your spouse or ex


Krister has given listeners access to two of his most game changing tools, #5 “On a scale of one to 10” and #13 “Lead People to Their Solutions, Not Yours”.  You can have access to these short and impactful videos via the Parent Toolbox.  Make sure to share them with your spouse or anyone who you want to have better communication with by visiting


About Krister Ungerbock

Krister Ungerböck is a leadership communication expert, former global tech CEO, keynote speaker, and author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, 22 Talk SHIFTs: Tools to Transform Leadership. At age 42, after building a $200 million software company, Krister founded The global Talk SHIFT movement to transform 100 million marriages, leaders and lives.


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Phone no: 636-288-6869


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