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Parenting Our Future

Sep 22, 2020

This episode is to help you with all the men and boys in your life!   In today’s day and age, boys are more misunderstood than ever, and are at a disadvantage.  You may not believe it, but it’s true!

Life as a parent of a boy can be challenging and confusing.  They have so much energy when they’re young only for them to grind to an almost standstill, in their tween and teen years where we’re seeing them get hooked on screens and gaming.

We used to call boys who developed a bit slower, “late bloomers” and now we call them, “lost causes.”  The fact is that our boys ARE slower to develop, the do have DIFFERENT brains and it’s important we understand these differences so we give them the best chance to thrive!

My guest, Janet Allison, is a boy expert and explains the keys to unlocking our boys (and the men in our lives)! 

When you better understand your boy, his challenges, and his opportunities, you’ll experience new and better possibilities for you and your family!

Check the “From the Podcast” section for a free guide on boys from Janet!


About Janet Allison

Janet Allison, a lifelong learner with a passion for teaching, Boys Alive! was born out of her realization that school is mostly set up for girls to succeed. With over 20 years of experience coaching parents, mentoring teachers, and working with professionals, the Portland, Oregon local travels both virtually and in real-time to help adults recognize and understand boys. Through keynotes, training, and family coaching for parents and educators, Janet has shared her knowledge with families across the country. She helps her clients through boy-challenges that she once faced such as handling emotions, development, and self-confidence and guides them in understanding the unique struggles and opportunities boys encounter. Learn more about her services 



Instagram: @boys.alive

Twitter: @ParentAdvisor


Podcast: ON BOYS 


From the podcast:

Janet’s FREE Guide for Parents:


To help you teach your boys the language of feelings and emotions, use the list from


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