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Parenting Our Future

Apr 12, 2022

Since the onset of the pandemic, 46% of teens identify as having new or worsening mental health conditions.  Why?  What’s going on? 
Why are so many kids anxious and what is social anxiety? 

My guest, Kyle Mitchell, or as he’s better known, Social Anxiety Kyle, is talking about this mental health crisis and what we can do to support our kids who are struggling.  The fact is, anxiety is normal, and every single person on the planet has it because it’s part of our survival system!  Therefore, we can’t eliminate anxiety but we can lessen it and learn to live with it. 

When it comes to social anxiety, it’s all about fear of judgement.  Fear that you will be negatively judged or labeled in social situations.  But this kind of anxiety is tricky to spot because most people are good at hiding it, when in reality, it's driving the bus in a person’s life. 

Kyle talks about what you can do to help your kids who have anxiety and how to prevent it.

 These are simple, practical and easy steps anyone can do!  

In this episode we talk about:
What anxiety is all about.
How judgement is never about you.
What ways do kids show anxiety? 
What can parents do to help/support their kids struggling with anxiety and their mental health.

For a free (incredibly helpful) guide from Kyle, “Effective Tips to Start Reducing Social Anxiety Todayjoin or visit the Parent Toolbox - 

About Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell is a mental health advocate, speaker, podcast host, upcoming TEDx speaker, and social media influencer who is passionate about solving the problems associated with poor mental health in the world and the impact they have on our communities, especially teens and youth. Having struggled and conquered his own social anxiety after a 10-year battle, he has found his calling and purpose to impact the lives of others on a global scale. Kyle’s mission is to help 1 million teens go from socially anxious to socially confident, collaborating with teens, educators, parents, nonprofits, and other organizations to change the narrative and stigma that currently exists.

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