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Parenting Our Future

Oct 15, 2019

Today we are talking about all things potty and how you can actually potty train your baby in the early days.  As a mom of a teen and pre-teen I’m past the years of diapers and potties but I’m thrilled to be able to bring the Potty Plan to my listeners as an alternative to using diapers only. Listen in as we discuss this a parent-led, proactive routine-based method for infant potty training (0-12months). That means – parents take the lead and offer their babies assistance to go to the bathroom following a natural elimination routine.


About Rebecca Larsen

Rebecca Larsen is a best-selling published picture book author from New Zealand. She lives in Pāpāmoa with her two sons (5 and 7) and Canadian husband. The couple had their children in Canada then moved back to New Zealand to be closer to family.  After experimenting with elimination communication techniques, the couple found an approach to infant potty training that was easy to implement, fun and successfully had their boys wearing underwear around 18 months. Both boys quickly learned the routine with success in their first week after birth. They are passionate to share this technique with parents as a mindful alternative approach that fits in well with busy on-the-go modern conscientious parents. @AuthorRebeccaLarsen



Instagram: @AuthorRebeccaLarsen


From the Podcast: 

Poop Happens!! With the Potty Plan, we are teaching our baby to use the toilet to eliminate poo.  Some tips if you want to try are to:

  • Pay attention to your child’s regular cycle
  • Offer the toilet after feeding
  • Look for cues (grunting and straining)


If you are looking to do this for you and your baby, please connect with Rebecca in the links above and go to


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