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Parenting Our Future

Dec 17, 2019

Are you thinking of giving your kids a new gaming system for the Holidays?  Are you worried they play too much on the system you already have?  Is it hard to get them to disconnect from gaming? Do you worry they might be, or might become, addicted?

In this episode, I speak with “Digital Life Skills for Youth” author, Angela Crocker about the subject of gaming addiction.  Learn the signs and the solutions on this important topic.


About Angela Crocker

Angela Crocker has been called the Ann Landers of digital living, making sense of online life for thousands of digital citizens. Her expertise includes education technology, digital parenting, online communities, digital decluttering, content planning, and more. Angela works as an author, speaker and educator to help individuals, schools, and businesses navigate the digital life. She is the author of six books including Digital Life Skills for Youth, Declutter Your Data and The Content Planner. To learn more about the book featured on this episode, go to:








From the Podcast:

If you are worried your child is addicted to gaming, look for the following signs.  Alone, these changes may not indicate a problem but in combination, this might suggest your child is having a problem:

Changes in personal hygiene – stop bathing, brushing teeth or caring about body odor and appearance

Sleep patterns – trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

Self-care – stop journaling, team sports, or other relaxing and recharging activities they used to enjoy

Socialization – withdrawing from their social circle

Change in personality – from cheerful to moody, angry or aggressive (for example)

High-risk behaviors – smoking, vaping, drugs, and/or sex

Abrupt mood changes – and abrupt change from calm to rage over a seemingly insignificant or unrelated thing – like a social media post

Overplanning – indicates your child might be trying to regain some control by over planning simple, straightforward tasks

Avoidance – of certain tasks, people, activities and/or places

Where to reach out for help:

United States: Text HOME to 741741

United Kingdom: Text SHOUT to 85258

Canada (English): Text CONNECT to 686868

Canada (French): Text PARELEZ to 686868


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