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Parenting Our Future

Dec 24, 2019

All parents hate it when they are ignored!  We can’t stand repeating requests that fall on deaf ears!  Being ignored and unheard leads to frustration, resentment, anger and yelling! 

There is a way to stop repeating and start getting cooperation and I share that in this episode.

I also talk about the power of listening to your kids and how it’s a GAME CHANGER in your relationships with your kids and all the other people in your life!


About Robbin McManne

Robbin is a Certified Parent Coach, author and speaker.  She works with parents from all over the world to help them build more connection and find more joy and cooperation in their parenting.

Robbin is a former ‘Angry Mom’ and for over 12 years, Robbin juggled a full-time corporate career while being a mom and wife, prior to becoming a Parenting Coach.  In her corporate career, Robbin has a background in marketing and public relations, training, and event planning. She understands firsthand how many moms struggle to balance work and family.

It’s because of her struggles as a parent that she found the world of peaceful parenting and has dedicated her life to teaching parents how to build a strong family, so their kids thrive. 

Robbin’s work focuses on building and strengthening the parent-child relationship so that children grow up with resilience, confidence and strong emotional intelligence.  She works with parents to help them understand their own emotions and frustrations in parenting, so they can help build their children’s sense of self without losing themselves in the process!


In October of 2018, Robbin released her first book, “The Yelling Cure – How to stress less and get your kids to cooperate without threats & punishments.” Her book is being read by parents all over the world 1000,000 copies sold to date.


Robbin divides her time working with her clients, speaking at events and spending time with her two boys and husband.  You can usually find her at a hockey rink or sports field cheering on her boys.  Most importantly, Robbin has changed the way she parents and connects with her sons and is dedicated to helping parents find the same joy, connection and cooperation in their families.

From the Podcast:

When we deeply listen to our kids, they feel loved & loveable and that what they have to say is of value to us (even if we might not be interested in the topic).  We want them to know that their thoughts and ideas matter!

Steps to listening:

  1. Listen with your whole mind and body. Be in the moment with them.
  2. Listen for understanding without judgement or criticism.
  3. Listen without formulating your answer before they are done speaking.
  4. Repeat back what you heard them say!


Steps to getting your kids to listen

  1. Connect – go to them and get their attention by giving them a ‘lovie’ – tap them on the shoulder, or rub their back, for example.
  2. When you have their attention, make your request
  3. If you get resistance, clarify if you can wait or if they have to do it now - try to model cooperation here and create a win/win
  4. Take them – “Come on, let's go together!”
  5. Give them any help they need in the spirit of being supportive! Don’t push your kids to do things before they are developmentally able to! That creates stress for everyone so allow natural development to unfold and your kids will want to do things on their own when they are ready.


Thanks for listening!

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With this podcast, my intention is to build a community of parents that can have open and honest conversations about parenting without judgement or criticism.  We have too much of that!  I honor each parent and their path towards becoming the best parent they can be.  My hope is to

inspire more parents to consider the practice of Peaceful Parenting. If you know

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