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Parenting Our Future

Nov 23, 2021

I don’t think there is one parent who doesn’t worry about their child’s future when they are struggling in school. It can be hard to get to the bottom of why they are struggling, is it laziness, the school, learning challenges or maybe you think it’s your fault; you aren’t pushing them hard enough?

My guest, former underachiever, Alex Hargrove, is talking about how he turned his underachievement in school around and how you can help your child to do the same!

In this episode, we talk about:
Gifted children and how they often underachieve and why
How to get your kids interested in school and learning
Why your child is underachieving
The remedy to underachievement

For a free chapter of Alex’s book, you can download it from the Parent Toolbox. If you would like the whole book for free, simply follow Alex on Twitter, and mention both Alex, “Reversing Underachievement” and “Parenting our Future” and he’ll send you an e-copy of the book!

About Alex Hargrove
Alex Hargrove started out as an admitted underachiever, struggled academically in high school and initially in college as well - until he turned his life around, Got As and multiple scholarships to law school. Alex turned his life around to the point where he is now the co-founder of a multi-million dollar start up: NetLaw ( - serving also as its CTO and as a member of its board. Alex graduated with honours from Washington & Lee School of Law in 2011. He practiced trusts and estates at Hargrove Madden LLP upon graduating and quickly found a passion for using technology to make attorneys, like himself, more efficient; and their services, more accessible. Alex designed and developed Hargrove Madden’s Online Practice Platform, which generated over a hundred thousand dollars revenue in a single quarter and garnered the American Bar Association’s 2012 eLawyering Award for innovative delivery of legal services only three months after going live. Levering that success, he worked closely with the founders to draft a business plan that helped secure the first $1 million in seed funding for NetLaw. The story of how Alex turned his life around, and how parents and students themselves can do the same is the focus of his book "Reversing Underachievement: A Practical Guide for Parents of Underachieving Gifted Children" available at Amazon

Contact information:
Phone Number: 904-521-7697

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