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Parenting Our Future

Mar 29, 2022

Sleep is the most underrated aspect of wellness. As parents, especially moms, we lose so much sleep in pregnancy, when the babies are born and for many years as our kids grow up. It seems “easy” to forget our needs for sleep and just run on empty because you are so needed and valuable to everyone in your life. Here’s the thing, when you aren’t rested, you aren’t thriving. You DESERVE to live a life filled with joy, fun and connection….and getting enough sleep is KEY to having a great life. 

In this episode, I’m talking to someone I think the world of, my friend and expert on this topic, Ann Gomez. We are talking about why it’s so important, how it impacts your brain and body when you don’t get enough, how to and how to get better sleep.  

This episode is packed with so much helpful information from:

How increased cortisol levels impact us
How much sleep should we be getting? 
What does it look like if you don’t get enough rest
How do you create better quality sleep? 
Getting to sleep Calming techniques
How to fall back asleep–circular thoughts (use affirmation “Trust and Release”)

For a copy of Ann’s “Sleep Habits and the Wellbeing Reset”, join the parent Toolbox today! 

About Ann Gomez

As the founding president of Clear Concept Inc., Ann is committed to helping people thrive at work. She leads engaging training programs around productivity, high-performance teams and a thrive mindset.She is also the best-selling author of The Email Warrior: how to clear your inbox and keep it that way.Ann works with clients across various industries, including law, finance, healthcare, and consumer goods. Ann holds an MBA and brings years of experience as a management consultant to all of her work.When not working, Ann can be found running around with her family, which includes 4 ... yes, you heard correctly, 4 active children. On that note, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that she knows a thing or two about productivity and teams!

Look for Ann’s book, Email Warrior here:

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